Welcome to Virtual Fundy

This site will focus on the Bay of Fundy - primarily from a lapidary and mineral perspective, showing mineral specimens, stones both rough and cut, jewelry made with them, and where to go collecting.

In time you will see the stones or the jewelry or other artwork by friends in this Fundy area.

All of which - comes later.

Right now VirtualFundy.com offers two concentrations. The first is the new internet lapidary magazine Lapidary World. The first issue is up. Click below. The second is in the works. It's full of adventure, stories from around the world of precious stone, tool and workshop tips, and quite a bit more.

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"A world of adventure and gem lore."

The second is designer stones. The spotlight, as befits this site, is on Bay of Fundy agates in their cornucopia of colors and pictorial patterns. Just take a look at these!

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